Hunter’s Moon

I write this by moonlight

Full moon bursting into my room

Hidden partially by clouds

Spindly twigs poking, jabbing

Trying to stop the glorious beam


It bathes and soothes

It inspires and draws

It pulls and ebbs

It illuminates and lights up


I can see blues and yellows

Pushing and bursting out of the white

It almost blinds with its glory

Its halo as soft as mist

Encircling it with vaporous love


The chill passes over, ethereal and slow

The night is punctured with fireworks

Popcorn erupting into the black

But not out-doing that fullness of delight and surprise in seeing the moon through my window


Healing powers of the sea


Still, itchy, raspy skin on edge

So electrified, a whisper makes you jump

Each grain tickles the hairs

Skin dried by sun

Leaving a salty line on toes and wrists

Tightening by the drying sea on skin


Breathe in and out with the waves

Breath in and out with the breeze

Breathe in and out on the swell

Waiting for the seventh wave of joy


Up and over, and under and oooh….

And again.

Back to shore

And out, pushing, yearning for the depths and clarity of open water


Up and down, up and down

And again

Stretch and pull, stretch and pull

And gasp for breath


That exhilaration, cold slap of blue

And down then up

And pull and yearn and together, those waves take me over and I am lost

in the tidal longing of earth to moon