Explorations in photography

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Having saved up for my first DSLR, I have spent the majority of 2014 learning how to use it (it’s an on-going thing…). What a steep but thoroughly enjoyable learning curve. Picking a friend’s brain, delving into magazines, scouring photojournals and visiting exhibitions and showings of local photography. I have lapped it all up. I’ve found inspiration in the smallest of things such as trying to capture a dandelion, and deep joy and trepidation being told on entering Victor Hugo’s Hauteville House ‘NO FLASH’ and stepping into the mirrored paranoidal world to draw out some soft but deep imagery of his life. To date – where I took my favourite photograph of my daughter. I have a very very long way to go, but my first steps have been so enjoyable, the long wait has been worth it.

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Hill Engineering • Reliable Services • Family Values

Hill Engineering was set up in 2010, and Rhys approached me for an update for his logo. His business is a family business and has a loyal customer base within the Vale community. The logo had to be modern but representing traditional and family values.

Hill Engineering YOU TUBE

The logo has been used across branding on uniforms, car stickers, insurance disks, all stationery and promotional leaflets.

I really enjoyed producing the map for Hill Engineering’s new premises and the logo for the sponsored vehicle for sand-racing.

Hill Engineering MapHill Engineering Car Window FULL sticker master

Here we go…. into the big wild world of being online

Well it had to happen, I finally made the bold jump and decided to go online. Do WordPress, everyone yelled, well I have. I intend to drop the occasional sample of design work and experimental musings into cyberspace.

Please click on the links to the relevant web pages of the people the artwork belongs to and you can see each brand as they are working.

I have so much to learn about web stuff. I am a flat piece of paper kind of gal, however I don’t know how the web will absorb me, or for that matter how I will translate my work onto the web….

I know I have some folk I can call on when I stumble and struggle, and struggle I will, but in true style I will get up again and keep trying.