People Power

People power 1 © KyphiNovember 2014 I was asked to design a logo very quickly for an emerging community voice for Guernsey.

The colours chosen were non-political in a sense of not red, blue or markedly political. People power 2 © KyphiHowever the Guernsey lion was used to show it is the people being affected, but with an apple green for modernity and a freshness.


The speech bubble represents the voice of the islanders, a start of a conversation and handwritten to show how personal it can get when people’s lives are affected.

The teal was a complementary colour for the green, black and white.

This is used for social media.


The aim of the group is to encourageEIE © Kyphi island residents to speak up and help make the local Government listen to their community – the people they represent.

Visit the website to join the conversation and have your say in local decisions that are made by the politicians (Deputies) if you want to help make a change in Guernsey.